Qualifying Tests

I offer personal 1-1 training throughout the course; from your first assessment drive, right through to the day when you qualify. You will receive help and assistance at every step of the qualifying process and I will remain on hand with career guidance, business advice and personal development once you have become a fully qualified driving instructor.

Our ADI training courses are part time; and follow a highly successful training structure. There is plenty of flexibility built in so that training can be arranged around your current commitments, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Qualifying Tests

Driving instructor training is most effective when carried out at regular intervals for short periods of time (2 – 4 hours). This keeps you in frequent contact with your personal trainer and allows adequate time for your home study between training sessions.

Part One (Theory)

You will benefit from plenty of help during study for the part one test. You receive guidance and support on the part one study guide and recommended books and DVD. In-car training will bring the theory to life. Cutting corners at this stage could lead to problems during part three. Many trainees simply practice answering questions. A detailed knowledge of the theory is vital as a strong basis for a successful career as an instructor.

Part Two (Driving)

For part two, you benefit from 12 hours of in-car tuition to place you in the top 1% of drivers in the country. You may have a lot of driving experience but probably have developed some incorrect driving habits. Driving techniques have changed a lot over the years and so you will need to be brought up-to-date.

Part Three (Instructing)

You’ll benefit from extensive instructor training (40 hours) and this is where one-to-one training really makes a difference. Sharing a car with other trainees is not a smart move. You would be diluting your training experience rather than maximising your time. You need, and will receive, our full attention.

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